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  • Healing

    Please ask the lord for forgiveness of all my sins and have mercy on me. Please pray for the full healing of my body and restoration of my divine health in Jesus' name, Amen!  Mary Jobin

  • Prayer for my pains and sufferings.

    I have difficulty making eye contact with people. I get discomfortness in my eyes and head if i try to keep eye contact with people, my head and body gesture also becomes abnormal. My head usually have discomfortness. I have discomfortness of my tooth. My head is sensitive to loud sudden sound. My leg and arm gesture is a bit abnormal. I have difficulty to sleep. There are many red veins in my eyes and it looks ugly. I have eye floaters which makes me see black things and its very disturbing. Pray for me in faith so that i can be healed now.

  • Prayer for my dad

    My dad is getting old and his whole body aches from overwork. He wants to provide for us, but this is getting difficult for him as he ages. The pain is also affecting his mood. He is usually cranky at home, and is getting easily irritated from every little thing. He picks up fights with my mom and keeps saying that he wants to die. I tried to help him by showing him love and asked him what's wrong. He was very ungrateful and said that he wants to kill himself and he is tired of everyone. My mom is considering divorce, but she says she doesn't want to divorce before I get married. My dad is a hard working man, but I don't know what's wrong with him and he seems to get worse. Please pray for him and my family!

  • Prayer for total protection and deliverance for small child!!!

    Confidential: Urgent Prayer for young child! Please pray for my young grandchild. The father was diagnosed with a very dangerous diagnosis and we know of his habits that he had which we're pretty sure he still has the habits according to what the child says the man acts like. On visitation, the man keeps the child up all night until the sun comes up playing video games. The child says that the man won't him go to sleep. The child is so upset and complains about it a lot having high anxiety and cries. The child gets so nervous and agitated so bites the fingernails so bad that they are very short and thin. There is nothing anyone can do about it because the judges don't care about any of this. Different attorneys have told my daughter that if she goes back to court about it, she will loose the case and the father will get a lot more time with the child and/or get to keep the child. The father doesn't pay support either which my daughter really doesn't care about getting, she just wants peace for the child! The poor little child doesn't understand why Jesus isn't answering his prayers. The little child is saved and was baptized this year. The child loves Jesus!!! Thank you so very much for your prayers for this little one!!! Please continue to pray for the child to have peace and freedom from this man. God bless you all!

    My husband is an alcoholic and refuses to give up his drinking. He lied to a Christian counselor saying that he is not an alcoholic so now I am going to find a divorce lawyer because I can't stand the ups and downs of the lies. Please pray for this situation! God bless you all!

  • delverance from sin

    my name is sumanth i want to repent more.god please see my heart and i want to do your will ,please pray for me
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  • Family

    Pray for my dad to come to know Christ. Pray for me to be a true Christian, follow the footsteps of Jesus so I can be an example for my family.

  • Blessings and Healing

    Please pray for healing of eye floaters and vision. Pray for financial blessings to pay off all debts and to purchase a house for our family. Pray for blessings over work. Thank you and God Bless.